We all love coffee, regardless of gender or nationality. Coffee - elixir of life for some, for others - energizing, while others call it "WakeUp" drink. Coffee explains fatigue, restore lost his magic liquid to a feature of the forces, it will instantly affect the people as a means of stimulating. Hot coffee, it is an integral part of our daily life. Many of us start every morning with coffee, the coffee in the afternoon goes on. The book - coffee, cinema - coffee, music - coffee, some of us even work combines coffee drinking. All of us enjoy drinking coffee. Summer heat and the tiredness of the coffee we enjoy it and give us relief. Our goal is to understand the true taste of coffee. Each of us has only one cup of coffee when dreaming times swamps. He attracts people as "drugs". Many films have been made with coffee charmoshobis kinorejisorebs subject, there is also a coffee museum in Prague, where the visitor (tourists) have the opportunity to observe the rules for the preparation of coffee, listen to stories about the discovery of coffee. Coffee homeland Ethiopia consider, hence the tkmuleba Ethiopian shepherd, who had noticed that the sheep were particularly active and energetic after eating the seeds of the plant branches motsitalo color, we call that fresh coffee.

Our menu is firmly established in the food products that are not "food", ie has no nutritional value, but stimulatingly affect the human nervous system. These include tea, coffee and other beverages such that "gamosapkhizeblad", "mosamateblad energy" drink. In fact the energy cost of a cup of tea and coffee (calories) does not have, but reduces fatigue, enhances mental activity and the cardiovascular system are included in the alkaloid caffeine gamdzleobas.qovelive reason. That helps us to sober up the caffeine, work more productively, but his action after studying human fatigue. Perhaps Moodle question: Which is better awakening - tea or coffee? Caffeine content of coffee fruits and tea leaves (dry weight) is approximately the same. Some tea leaves even more caffeine than coffee. However, this substance in the preparation of drinks depends on the rules. He khalaven, high temperature and high pressure working. Is the difference between the types of coffee - coffee and espresso in the Office of the caffeine content, usually higher, Turkey, as well as - soluble powder or pellets prepared from the coffee - less. This average figure, however - much depends on the coffee variety, refining and drink preparation technology. In addition to the caffeine content, tea and coffee for the caffeine to vary the speed of impact. Instant coffee caffeine affects characteristic, but it is also rapidly cleared from the body. Tea caffeine is a slow and prolonged action, which is caused by tannins in the tea composition. So quickly and in a relatively short time gapkhizlebt coffee, tea is softer, but more long-lasting and stable effect. Human daily dose of 150 mg caffeine is considered safe. Cup of tea contains about 50 mg, twice more than a cup of coffee. Fortunately, caffeine is excreted from the body as possible, so it is allowed to drink 3-4 cups of tea a cup of coffee and 6, but, of course, not all at once - preferably, 3-4-hour interval still uphold. Moderately to drink caffeine-containing beverages in the cold - cold tea, cold coffee, Coca-Cola, Red Bull and others. Especially desirable caffeine containing drinks with alcohol or after vigorous exercise.